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Use code "FREESHIP" to get free shipping on any order over $150
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CHI Protocol

CHI Protocol

At Chi's Enterprise, we take the quality of our products seriously.

A good practitioner should be able to distinguish between healthy or weak organs by carefully examining the fingernails' appearance. Nails never finish their cycle of growth and, thus, are an accurate record of a person's systemic and physical situation.

Nails are the transfer points for all nutrients in the body. Blood runs through these specific points, which are the meridian points in the body. Many physical deficiencies can be seen in the appearance of the nails. If in good health, the nails will be shiny in luster, pink and transparent, with a smooth arch.

In addition, many meridian lines run along the tongue, and thus the tongue is an important location of bodily function. When the body is not functioning correctly, it is reflected on the tongue. For instance, one will notice that during sickness, the tongue will appear duller and perhaps a different color and texture than when one is healthy.

Thus, the fingernails and tongue are reflective of your internal health.




It is not enough to evaluate the physical markers and determine which health conditions are associated with them. At CHI HEALTH, we know how to address these health issues. We design unique CHI herbal supplement protocols for our customers so that your health needs are met.


“…The reemergence of interest in ‘hands on’ physical diagnosis together with extensive knowledge of the body systems in health and disease known by the modern physician… Having learned the fingernail and tongue method from the ‘master,’ Dr. Chi, I intend to use it every day in my practice.”

Jonathan V. Wright, MD

Tahoma Clinic

Renton, Washington


“I am a veteran traditional medical practitioner with some experience in herbal and alternative biological therapies. Your accurate assessment...was indeed astonishing. Your book is highly informative. Since our brief encounter, I have already used my newly acquired knowledge to assess over hundreds of case studies...Your work is nonetheless monumental. A medical student would be years ahead to learn and use your system while in a standard clinic...Your book enables a doctor to save time and money in rapidly getting to the core of the problems. It should be made available to those in training.”

David A. Williams, MD

Federal Aviation Medical Examiner

Immigration Medical Examiner


“The therapeutic use of herbal medicine has always been very popular in China for thousands of years. The role of phytomedicines in Chinese culture has become more popular and is being used in the western world today. Finally we have an interesting herbal book that points out the effect of herbal medicine, which is offered as an effective, natural alternative.

Nurtured by the knowledge passed down to him from his family, equipped with new discoveries and the scientific tools and modalities for herbal remedies, Dr. Chi is shedding a new light on old questions.. He has been able to develop improved [formulas] by categorizing the herbal medicine with other uses through his fingernail and tongue analysis.”

Harold Chandler Clark, MD

Cardiology & Internal Medicine

Clinical Nutrition

New Rochelle, New York


“My experience with Myomin, and all other herbal [formulas] we use from Dr. Chi’s laboratory, has been exceptionally positive...I was impressed with the thoroughness of his research, his rigorous standards matched those we use and because of this I spent a great deal of time learning more about him and his work. I was not disappointed in the least. I trust him, his staff, and his products 100%.”

James Bowman, MD, ND, DNCH, DCP, FAAIM, DiHom

Alternative Health Concepts

Stevens Point, Wisconsin