Use code "FREESHIP" to get free shipping on any order over $150
Use code "FREESHIP" to get free shipping on any order over $150
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Quality and Research

Quality and Research

At Chi's Enterprise, we take the quality of our products seriously.


Chi's Enterprise is dedicated to providing quality, reliable, and efficacious supplements to our customers. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification is the standard marker of quality. Our facilities are GMP-certified.

Utilizing the highest standards in lab technology and production is not enough for Chi’s Enterprise. We are dedicated to educating both healthcare professionals and the general public with seminars, workshops, conventions, lectures and individual consultations. The Chi team is always striving for excellence.


Quality is thoroughly controlled and guaranteed, from raw material selection through manufacturing of the finished product.

At Chi’s Enterprise, we are extremely vigilant with the quality control of our products. Our company has been successful in offering our practitioners and patients quality and highly effective supplements for over 24 years.

Ingredient selection is aimed at maximizing stability, absorption, and metabolism of that particular ingredient or combination of ingredients. CHI formulas contain groups of ingredients that fit therapeutic goals for various conditions. Our scientists always review the complete clinical picture when formulating a complex array of ingredients.


Our Research and Development team is comprised of leading scientists from all over the world. With MDs, PhDs and renowned scientists in the nutraceutical industry, Chi's Enterprise is committed to staying abreast of the latest scientific developments. An impressive scientific staff and sophisticated research facilities help us achieve quality products.